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Optimize Your Hiring Process

We are Boon Holland, a talent advisory company trusted by firms worldwide. We provide essential training on talent attraction and recruitment software. Training is crucial for any organization that wants to attract and retain top talent. It can help companies identify and hire the best candidates for their open positions while improving employee retention rates, reducing turnover costs, and generating more revenue. Learn more about our training here!

Join the Global Leaders Working with Us

Boon Holland, helping you source top tier candidates

We help you to hire more effectively

Our team combines over forty years of expertise in talent attraction, hiring strategy, and recruitment systems. We empower our clients with advanced knowledge of recruitment tools and methods, helping them to be more efficient and get the most out of their talented teams. 

Strategy & Consulting

We assist businesses in developing and executing effective growth strategies by providing expert consultations and customized training solutions that improve recruitment processes and increase the chances of hiring the best talent.

ATS Training

Improve recruitment efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, increase the quality of hires, enhance candidate experience, and reduce recruitment costs through the use of automated recruitment technologies.

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills development training can help individuals and organizations enhance communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and other essential interpersonal skills, leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance.


Our recruitment specialists can help your organization attract and hire top talent more efficiently, freeing up internal resources and expertise while ensuring a consistent and effective recruitment process.

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